Last and Current Job

I worked in a health care company called Centro Clinico Gaucho . They sell health plans for a wide range of people (about 250.000 lifes). I've been working there since Dec/2000.

In the seven first years, I worked as network administrator and support guy. I had a lot of fun. There were Novell Netware, Linux and Windows Servers. Unfortunately, today they have Windows as their main platform and Linux only for Mail and Databases. But every one spends their money the way they like it.

In 2007 a senior system analist married and leave the company. Then I change my ocupation to programmalist. I had a lot of fun playing with a wide range of programming languages (Foxpro, Clipper, C#, Java, PHP, Delphi and Perl) in Oracle and Mysql databases. I developed and maintained database applications, web services, network monitors and system interfaces.

Then in mid-2012 I was called by HCPA (Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre) to join the development team of AGHU project. It's a Java Web application that will run in 43 university hospitals here in Brazil. The development environment is JEE with Red Hat Jboss AS, Jboss Seam, Hibernate ORM, Maven and Jsf (RichFaces) with Postgres and Oracle Databases. The development process is Scrum. It's a very huge project and I'm learning a lot there.